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Covid 19 – We all share the current serious concerns at home and abroad while maintaining firm view of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Forthcoming solo exhibitions Solo Exhibitions arranged for this year along with group exhibitions in galleries around the country are now ‘on hold’ or cancelled because of the epidemic. In the interim this work and other work will be compiled and presented via the new website TonyWstudios.

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Recent painting trips – These included the north of NZ South Island – magnificent landscape/seascape, and a further trip to Central Queensland – Carnarvon Ranges and Arcadia Valley – Mainly watercolours – capturing the rugged, magical character and sometimes brutal beauty of the landscape.

Urban Sketchers
This sphere engages in plein air city and townscape drawing with the worldwide Urban Sketchers group and Urban Sketchers Brisbane. Currently group sessions and events worldwide are cancelled or on hold, but solo painting and participation in the very active Group online continue.