Recent bush painting – ‘Wallaroo’ painting trip – Carnarvon Gorge and Arcadia Valley – Mainly watercolour paintings to be exhibited in forthcoming exhib titled ‘Wallaroo’ – Capturing the spirit of the country with authenticity in this magnificent area of rugged escarpments, bushland and pastoral properties.
Also coming – Planned tutored group ‘long weekend’ to this very special location in Mar 2020 fully catered – enquiries welcome.

pens and inks
  • Pens, Inks and Lines – numerous enquiries – For Ink on paper work (rather than my watercolour painting), I use a number of pens, main one currently being Lanbitou fountan pen with fude nib, Noodlers black ink for pen linework and Liquitex acrylic ink brushed on for colour on hot pressed paper.