pens and inks
  • Pens, Inks and Lines – numerous enquiries – For Ink on paper work (rather than my watercolour painting), I use a number of pens, main one currently being Lanbitou fountan pen with fude nib, Noodlers black ink for pen linework and Liquitex acrylic ink brushed on for colour on hot pressed paper.
  • BRISBANE SKETCHFEST’ – I will be involved as a workshop tutor in this event which includes workshops and sketchwalks in the city. The event from 10 to 13 October includes an exhibition of sketches by USK Brisbane members stages by Southbank Group. Details here
  • ‘AUSTRALIAN WATERCOLOUR MUSTER’ Later in the year 7 to 10 November I will be a participant artist in this prestigious event at the Emporium Hotel South Brisbane. This event has international connection with the ‘FabrianoInAquarello’ event occurring annually in Italy – details here